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Retail Kiosks are special purpose kiosks which are customized with various accessories to make it a popular storefront alternative for small time retailers. They are ‘mini-stores’ and are also known as Mall Kiosk, Island Retail Unit, Shop-in-shop so on...Retail fixtures, shelves and visual merchandising is added to the kiosk to make it more appealing.

Retail Kiosks have a 360 degree exposure and are placed in high customer traffic areas in large shopping centres’ and malls. Sometimes they are placed along a wall or in the centre of a large space.

  • Mantra360 has 9 years experience in designing Retail Display Solutions, a majority of them being Retail Kiosks.
  • We are Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of mall kiosks as we have a wealth of trained in-house designers and material expertise.
  • Whether you need big, small, and compact or sophisticated, we will be able to create a set up that will perfectly fit the size of your location.
  • If you have space constraints then we will set up a kiosk that makes optimal use of vertical space without distancing the products from the eye level of the customer.
  • Our efficient design makes the kiosk a definite crowd puller among the other large shops.
  • Each Kiosk can be modified to suit the product that it sells whether it is food or other products and accessories.